Hrvatska udruga auto struke

Unčanska 2, 10250 Zagreb, Croatia

Developments in CROATIA 2014 Zagreb

Key figures:


Situation Motor insurances:

“Open market” in kasko;
„Open market” in main insurance policy;

Demage proces is stil negative for bodyshops

(calculation, hourly rate…);


Situation Car leasing:

Less leasing cars…

Other information:

New cars sale: 28 350 in 2013 (31 261 in 2012, 2008 – 88 000)

VOC Situation in Croatia is negativ and bodyshop more

and more buy conventional „basis lack”…


Goverment is confuzed and ineffective!

HUAS help them (new VOC regulation, explanation…)

Importers, Shops, Bodyshops have big problems because more and more them use NON VOC paints in daily work!

We need support from AIRC and CEPE in field

of consultancy, inspection, statistics…

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