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Quality and correct repair – a MUST for traffic safety!

The AIRC provides the means to quality certification using the Eurogarant® standard for body work and paint, the only recognized international standard within damage repair. The Eurogarant® standard has been introduced in 2004, and today it is a major player, enabling organizations in different countries to provide the possibility of certification, training and assistance. Eurogarant® is a registered Trademark of AIRC International. Many countries use the standard to get influence and show the way to correct repair, ensuring safety for the passengers and driver.

Keep the stars

After a crash, the car has to be repaired in such a way, that safety is not in danger.

When cars are tested by NCAP for safety, it is vital that damaged cars again are safe after a damage repair, as before the exident occured, to keep the NCAP stars.

Eurogarant® is the vital tool to ensure this.

Independent auditor

The Eurogarant® quality standard has to be audited by independent operators with special know-how on the field.

The standard is described by the AIRC rules on following areas:

The benefit of Eurogarant® lies with the customer who is ensured to drive a fully and safe repaired vehicle, meeting safety demands and underlined by the Eurogarant® warranty.

Građanin, osiguravajuće društvo, proizvođač automobila, jednom riječi naši partneri, kao i mi poslodavci udruženi u HUAS kada kažemo budućnost mislimo na kvalitetu, koju se trudimo osigurati kroz profesionalnost, popravak šteta na raznim tipovima automobila, izobrazbe i treninge, savjete za popravke šteta prema zadnjim bazama tehničke i tehnološke dokumentacije. Norma kvalitete koja se prepoznaje i kontrolira kod autokaroserista u zemljama EU je EUROGARANT.

What does the HUAS goal area include:

Professionalism, in the event of a car accident and damage, the owner seeks, easy and quick repair. The repair itself is part of a process that begins with a car accident; in which assistance is sought such as the need for a replacement car, resolving the relationship with the insurance company for possible compensation, professional-professional repair, confidence in safety and accuracy during and in the area of vehicle repair, warranty for work performed and installed parts, etc. Only one professional car body and car painting workshop with appropriate work organization, trained employees, well-managed documentation is able to offer the required service criteria.

These are precisely the requirements and principles, and the rules on which the idea of the Eurogarant quality standard is being introduced, which is being introduced by bodybuilders (car body mechanics and bodybuilders) in EU countries. It is also a way of quality control of service provision by external controllers of licensing experts, ie for such jobs. Damage repair on various types of cars, In 37 years of AIRC, a huge amount of knowledge and experience in repairing various brands of cars and motorcycles has been gathered. Doing repairs on various types of brands is one of the specialties that one wants to continue working on in the future, which requires investing in; new repair technologies, organization, spare parts and everything else that contributes to the guarantee of repair of various brands at a high level. EUrogarant is not tied to one brand of paint or any other material that is installed or used in repair. Each workshop-company makes an independent choice of supplier in accordance with the market and its professional choice.

All of the 5,000 Eurogarant car body shops in the EU use these brands that exist on the market. Education and training, New generation cars are becoming more complex and technically demanding. AIRC and HUAS work to seek effective training and education for their members. Professional training is an important principle prescribed by Eurogarant. The subject training refers not only to the technical aspect of repairs, but also to the areas of customer relations, work organization, information literacy and the use of IT technology.

In many countries, such courses and trainings work in exclusive collaboration with professional education centers. Not only training, but also control of the execution of what has been learned in practice is a correct policy of improving relations with clients. The results of these controls are made available to all insurance companies that want and with which they want to establish partnerships on the Eurogarant network. HUAS in its work will place great emphasis on the segment of education and training. TIPS – Repair tips, Car bodies are asked to intervene on new car models, which have new systems and materials in construction, new components in electronics. In order to meet the requirement of quality repair on new models, it is necessary that car bodies are informed with specific and quality repair instructions and possible problems that may be encountered during car repair. That is why AIRC has made sure that through the development of AIRC-TIPS, by giving technical advice, it can solve problems. The AIRC-TIPS technical advice database is available on CD or online.

Since 2005 TIPS includes, among other things, other technical information about the material used, as well as links to many other technological information about the new models. Software companies cooperating with Euragarant use TIPS in their programs and for vehicle maintenance in such a way that technical and technological data are immediately available.


For all workshops, the Eurogarant network, car body repair is their main activity, not a secondary activity. Often members provide other services with the aim of increasing the quality of services to the client, so our members are often multi-service centers.

Quality is our business

Needless to say, the fight for quality is an imperative of the HUAS association, and the introduction of the Eugarant standard is a priority of work because it implies the quality of the structure, the quality of employees, the quality of spare parts, the quality of service. Quality certificates (ISO) are a quality plus on the EUgarant license. Accurate introduction of required procedures, periodic inspections, way of working with spare parts, progress made in relation to customers, are the efforts to make HUAS car bodies, especially licensed by Eurogarant, become and strengthen themselves as desirable business partners.


Time is money. Production / service costs must be controlled and efforts must be made to reduce repair time in such a way that HUAS car bodies can repair a significant number of cars, which guarantees a profit to the workshop. The message is efficiency, because the workshops have everything that it guarantees; professional approach, equipment, information, organization and everything else that is in the interest of satisfying even the most demanding client.

We justifiably fight for our approach to work, quality of work and efficiency to be transparently accepted through the price of an hour of the workshop, given the amount and quality of service, according to the practice and acquis communautaire in the EU.

Original spare parts

The spare parts market is changing with the demands. AIRC and HUAS rely on European directives on the free movement of goods, but always within the quality parts that must be installed and controlled according to the relevant EU directives and standards. Distribution channels are selected according to the norms on the free movement of goods of the EU Commission. Distribution channels are not important for Eurogarant either, but it is important that these are original parts that can fully meet the requirements for issuing a warranty for the performed repair. Eurogarant is also an obligation to do business with those companies that accept high quality standards. It is a simple affirmation of a job that is done professionally and with quality. The responsibility for the work performed is always on the car body that performed the work, or on another Eurogarant car body if the previous one is not, for any reason, more on the market. The Eurogarant Commission will intervene to settle any conflicts between the customer and the car body. Eurogarant car body confirms its guarantees, such as: high quality repair with one reasonable price repair work according to the requirements of prescribed standards EU performed work with highly qualified employees


Doing business in accordance with accepted commercial conditions, all Eurogarant car bodies have a unique cost control system, which allows them to be competitive in the market, through ensuring high quality repairs and service. Through a unique cost approach, their business efficiency and profitable and profitable investment is ensured. The hour of work is not of special importance, we are also struggling to ensure a socially verified hour of the workshop. The unique calculation of the workshop hour creates the much-needed spirit of togetherness in quality assurance within the Eurogarant system. This calculation provides the basis for a transparent policy of our work and development and towards something called the “common good”. We want to include you, vehicle owners, insurance companies, you, chamber partners, local authorities in our transparency…

Legality and rules

Eurogarant respects and builds the rules of business and entrepreneurial morality of the company, and especially the laws of the community. Our members are obliged to pay social obligations, but also through our Association we are clearly looking for all those measures that can contribute to increasing the competitiveness of our workshops, but also society as a whole. Car repair before buying a new one, What is our mission is that with our quality and expertise we put car repair before buying a new one. This is, of course, our small contribution to the overall effort to preserve the environment. With guarantees and quality we want to prove that the stated business principle is correct. AIRC and HUAS particularly rigorously control members who have the Eurogarant quality standard. Coverage of services throughout the territory, Our priority is to cover the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia with our workshops, regional offices and regional leaders, in a word with our members

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